Tuesday, May 5, 2009

TO B(roadcast) or not to B(roadcast)...That is the question...

I need all of your help.

If you read yesterday's blog, you know that Cherish and her friends did their first radio blog cast. Cherish has been after me to do one of my own.

The question is: should I or not?

I could do one strictly on the Bible...kind of an anti-Bible Answer man...just the scriptures, with no pontificating...or tithing...

Or, I could do one that is more like my blog...

Some Bible, some conspiracy, some family stuff...a little bit of everything. I would love to hear from all of you to see what your thoughts are. I do have some broadcast experience, so it wouldn't be too huge of a stretch.

So, leave comments telling me what you think...and then I'll let all of you know soon.

Monday, May 4, 2009


That's right...I said it...

And so are her friends!

All right, all right, calm down...

They want to be called bitches.

In fact, Cherish and two of her good friends, Cindy Bruckart and Bridget Pilloud, have started their own radio show, aptly titled:
3 Bitches Barking...you can find their first, and upcoming episodes here:
Bridget is an Intuitive animal communicator...you can find her here:
Cindy is a certified professional dog trainer, and owns two doggie daycares...you can find her here:
My lovely wife is a recognized leader in dog nutrition, as well as the owner of THE DHARMA DOG, a one of a kind Dog Boutique...which you can find here:
Their first show, yesterday, was incredible! Each of these bitches(ladies) brings not only their years of experience to play in fielding questions...they also bring their own unique personalities to the table...which makes listening a sumptuous buffet to the ears.
The show itself was informative...funny...compassionate...witty...and just plain fun. As someone who has done countless hours on air, I can tell you that most professionals don't come off nearly as well as our proud Bitches! If you're looking for answers to pet questions...good entertainment...or, if you just want to howl with the Bitches...
This is the show for you!
Tune in...send them a line...and get ready for a great time...
I give 3 Bitches Barking 4 paws, two ears, and one tail...way, way up!!!!!
Way to go Bitches!!!!!!


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