Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Answered...and Un-Answered Prayers

We all get discouraged from time to least I know that I do. That's why I haven't written for a while.

The director who asked for my screenplays hasn't read them...or the numerous one page treatments he asked for. I allowed that to get to me. Un-Answered prayers. Yet, in my heart, I know the Lord has His reasons. He had His reasons when two of my previous ones were stolen and made into movies. He had His reasons when other works of mine have been stolen and incorporated into movies. He has His reasons.

And yet, we doubt Him...from time to time. At least, I do.

And then, in His Grace, He allows us to see His majesty...and then we wonder why we ever doubt Him at all.

My daughter Lacy got a call last night from a dear friend of hers...and ours. A very fine young man, whose privacy I will not violate. He's the kind of young man you would want to be a part of your family:

Kind, strong, extremely intelligent, brave, loyal, thoughtful...just a few of the qualities that he possesses.

His mother has had an illness. That's all you need to know. We; Lacy, my wife, myself, my son and our other daughter, have all been praying for her. This fine young man was considerate enough to call last night to let us know that his mother was dramatically improved.

What a wonderful answer to prayer.

If God gave you the choice...

Between your wildest dreams...

Or the life of the mother of someone you love...

Which would you choose?

Pretty easy, isn't it?

And yet, in my selfishness, I forget...

Thankfully, God reminds me...

And I thank Him.


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