Tuesday, January 12, 2010

GENESIS Chapter 1:1 and 2

Be-reshith bara Elohim eth ha-shamayim we-eth ha-arets: (2) we-ha-arets hayethah tohu
wa-bohu we-choshekh al-pnê tehôm we-rûach Elohim merachepheth al-pnê ha-mayim

In beginning Gods (he) created the heavens and the Earth. But the Earth was laid waste and made desolate, and destruction turned on the abyss.

There is so much to cover in these two verses that it may take me awhile...then again, my wife always says that if the refrigerator light comes on when I open the door, I do at least fifteen minutes.

I marvel at the majesty of God's Word. The first verse in the first chapter declares the Trinity, and explains it better than anyone I've ever heard attempt to. The noun is in the third person plural(Gods), but the verb is conjugated in the third person singular. It isn't until much later...throughout the Scriptures...that the act of creation is attributed to each of the persons of the Godhead individually...how can God be three and yet one? This is about as good as you'll ever get for an explanation. Still think it's the "majestic plural"?

מַע 6:4 ְ
hear-you !
רָאֵל יִ ְ
 הֵינ  אֱ
:Deuteronomy 6:4
The Sh'ma states literally...
Hear, Oh Israel...I Am your Gods...I Am one.
The word translated "one" is not the number one, rather it has the meaning of a number of things tied into one bundle. So,
Hear Oh Israel...I Am your Gods...I Am collected into One.
And how often were/are the Jews supposed to say this? When they lie down...get up...go in/out a door...walk, etc...
In the very first verse God declares who He is...he doesn't even attempt to explain...take it or leave it.
That God guy is some writer...
I think that's enough for you to think about for one night...more to come soon...


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