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The Priests of Per-T Em Hru

The Priests of Per-T Em Hru

Book I

The Pharaoh’s Tomb

I myself have read the Book of Thoth…written by his own hand…I have read its secrets, and know all that must come…I am the Ur-Kherp-hem…the High Priest…of Per-T Em Hru…the Coming of The Day…I have performed my sacred duties…faithfully…I am ready to hear as He hears…I am ready to see as He sees…I am ready to stand as He stands…I am ready to sit as He sits…I am ready to enter the House of Osiris with boldness…I am ready to be weighed on the scales…I am ready to stand at the Altar of the Lords of Truth…my Heart will NOT be driven away…and I shall look upon the Disk of Truth and Light forever and ever…”

I still have my copy of the Ritual…written in the Good Doctor’s own handwriting. I know that he believed in its power…that it was read, in secret, over his casket by the remaining Priests of Thoth…that a copy was placed in his lifeless hands for his journey to the Underworld…to recite to The Guardians of Truth…so that he could gain entrance into The Great Hall of The Light of Thoth…

He gave me a copy…just in case…just in case I changed my mind. He believed that one day, I would see the light…as he had…turn my back on the Evil God of Darkness and Destruction, YHWH…as he had…and become a Priest of Thoth as he had been…

He was wrong.

My name is Naaki Tslichi…means Two Dogs in Dine. That’s Navajo, to you bellagannos reading this…but you can call me Jay. If you don’t know who I am already, it means you haven’t read my first story…Two Dogs. If you want to know more about me…about who I am…what I am…and what made me this way, you should read Two Dogs first. You don’t have to…but it would help.

The story I’m about to tell you is true…to the best of my knowledge. It starts before the dawn of time…and stretches to eternity. It is a story of love and hate…of life and death…of death and re-birth…and life everlasting. It is a story of the wars of men to rule this Earth…and of those greater than men…and their war…

You may not believe some of it…hell, you may not believe any of it. The Good Doctor told me no one would…except the conspiracy kooks and Apocalyptic freaks. That’s OK…I doubt if I would believe it, if I hadn’t lived it…seen it…heard it…for myself. But I did…and I do. More than that, the people in this story believed it…especially the Good Doctor…and their beliefs…right or wrong…have changed the world.

Their actions continue to change the world. They believe everything that they have done will bring about Per-T Em Hru…“The Coming of The Day.” Total peace on Earth for every man, woman, and child…under the benign ruler-ship of their God-King…brought back from the Land of The Dead.

I know what your asking yourself…”How the fuck did you get your sorry ass mixed up in this, Jay?” You know, I ask myself that same question…every day.

I had a friend, out on the Rez. One night, dead of winter, there’s a blizzard blowing. Hard. We’re in his Hogan. Shootin’ the shit. All of a sudden, he gets up…takes off all of his clothes…runs outside…and jumps in a pile of frozen cactus. I get him out of it…and drive him the hour into town to the Hospital. He was cut up pretty bad…and severe frost bite. Lost three fingers…four toes…and a bunch of skin off of his ass.

Were on the ride home before I finally ask him…

“What the fuck did you do that for?”

“Just seemed like the right thing to do…at the time…”

I’m going to start the story the only place that makes sense to me. It’s going to jump around a bit through the telling, but…oh well…here we go.

I came back to LA from the Rez, after the events in Two Dogs, in 1984. I was raising my two little girls by myself. My folks had been asked to stay on at the Mission. I was retired now, and I had plans…big plans…

Then life jumped up and bit me on the ass…


abaddon911 said...

I am excited.
Thank you for moving forward with Jay's story. I know there are only so many hours in a day but a series on Lost would be awesome! I love that show. If it has to be one though, I choose this!!!
loving it already and I don't even know what the hell is going on yet. :)

neilbsmith78 said...

Another great story is underway. The anticipation is getting to me already.

Singer416 said...

I'm eager to see how this story takes shape. You have a real talent for whetting one's appetite. And I would love to hear your thoughts on "Lost". Coming up with theories for that show is always fun. I would love to hear your take on it.


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