Sunday, February 1, 2009

My favorite Super Bowl of all Time!

I wanted Arizona to win...they lost in the last second...they aren't even my team. The Rams are. So, why was this my favorite Super Bowl of all time?

My son Chance stayed home to watch it with me. His Mom and sister went out to my wife's parent's house. Chance was invited to go. He loves going out to his Nana and Papa's of his favorite things in the whole world.

He told his Mom this morning he wanted to stay with me.

This is our first Super Bowl together. Our team lost.

But I won.

I thought nothing could top the Ram's first Super Bowl win. I've been a Ram's fan since I was a little boy. My folks took me to a Ram's game every year on the anniversary of my adoption being finalized. I met Lamar Lundy of the Fearsome Foursome. I was never so up as when they won their Super Bowl.

Until now. My team lost. I should be down.

But I'm the happiest man on earth. My son wanted to watch the game with his Dad.

We're going for a walk now...blow off some steam. He was cheering for the Cards too. He's pretty disappointed. I should be. But...

I feel like I just won the Super Bowl myself.

This was the best Super Bowl of all time...

Thank you son.

I love you.


PollyB said...

That is so great...thanks for sharing that. Very cool :) said...

That's amazing. I was rooting for the Cardinals too, but hey, thats where I'm from.

abaddon911 said...

that is a very touching story. It cheered me up a little to read it.

Lacy Blake said...

He's a specail guy... I miss my brother :(


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