Sunday, March 8, 2009

LOST: The Statue

There have been many theories about the Statue on LOST, ever since the four toed foot was seen in "Live together, die alone" in season 2. It appears to have been seen again in "LaFleur".

I believe that it could be a statue of SEKHMET.

The name Sekhmet derives from the word "Sekhem", which means power or strength. SEKHMET literally means, "THE POWERFUL ONE". She was originally linked to PTAH, the Creator, although her myths predate his by hundreds of years. In later myths, she is called the EYE of Ra. It is said that Ra was so angered by mankind that he sent Sekhmet to destroy them. She did too well, however, and Ra had to get her drunk(on beer stained red like blood) to stop her.

Among her many titles are: The One before whom evil trembles, Mistress of dread, Lady of Slaughter, Avenger of Wrongs, the Scarlett Lady, and the Lady of Flame.

She carried a unique duality:Powerful destructive force and Avenger, as well as ruling over women's menstrual cycles and being the Goddess of healing and physicians.

She was said to have given birth to the most notable of Pharaohs, as well as being mother to Imhotep, who we will cover in a future blog on LOST.(Think Richard)

Sekhmet's action is always the right, or 'appropriate action'. When She destroys it is an appropriate destruction or vengeance. It is never chaotic or random. It is always what is needed at the time. Even though Sekhmet is not intimately linked with the aspect of destruction, as Netjer Set is, She removes threats and punishes those who do wrong against Ma'at.

Ma'at is the concept of balance or justice. Thus, Sekhmet is also known as "The One Who Loves Ma´at and Who Detests Evil"...even though Her actions might not always seem to mortals as just.

More Lost blogs to follow...on Horace(Horus), Jacob, Ben(ben-oni/ben-jamin), the Hyksos, and Imhotep.


Look at the statues...Sekhmet standing always carries an Ankh, and sometimes a papyrus sceptre...and is frequently depicted with four toes...

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Andy said...

I gotta be honest dude, you're easily one of the most well read and generally well rounded smart people i know. It seems like there's nothing you don't know at least something about.

Hat's off.


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