Thursday, November 11, 2010


I was never going to get married again.
I was going to raise my two little girls.
I had no desire to share my life with anyone but them.
If you knew the story of my first marriage, you'd know why.

I had dated models and actresses when I was a bodyguard.
All of them beautiful.
None of them memorable.
Then, one day, everything changed.
It was love at first sight.
For me.
She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

That was twenty-five years ago.
She is even more beautiful today than she was then.
Far more beautiful.
The most beautiful woman that God ever made.
And, she loves me.

We've been through a lot over the years.
Lots of highs.
Some lows.
It hasn't always been easy for her.
I've had at least eight of my seventeen surgeries while we've been married.
I had a heart attack earlier this year.
Almost died.
We've been short on money.
Many times.

But, we've never been short on love.
We have great children.
Because of her.
We have a great home.
Because of her.
We have a great life.
Because of her.
We have a wonderful marriage.
Because of her.

Almost everyone said it wouldn't last.
November 12th 2010 will be 24 years.
24 years.
Because of her.

The sun rises for me in the morning when she smiles.
The stars come out at night in her eyes.
She is my life...
my breath...
my everything.

I love you Cherish Ann.

Happy Anniversary.


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How old was she/ you when you first met?


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